rosbilt TinCan Banjo/Ukulele was started around 2006 in downtown Toronto.
The  objective at the time was to replace a single wooden ukulele, fallen apart in the rain, by constructing an instrument more durable. I chose metal.
Over the years, research and development resulted in a line of durable, bright and lively instruments that struck a 'chord' with players and collectors. In 2010, rosbilt TinCan Banjo/Ukulele was officially registered and I began to build instruments professionally, full time, from the shed at the bottom of my garden.
In 2016 the rosbilt workshop left Toronto and moved to a larger space on Amherst Island outside Kingston, Ontario.

The instruments, over the years, now number in the multiple thousands and are spread out all over the world.
Made to be played - by people who like to play.

Supply is always limited as each instrument is individually made. Sometimes there is an inventory - othertimes not!
To place an order, please contact me at      ironuke@rosbilt.com
with your choice of instrument and we will make the arrangements.
Payment is through PayPal invoice when your instrument is ready
(you do not need an account and a deposit is not necessary)

Your support over the years, through thick and thin, has helped to create this endeavour to be as successful as it is. I can't do it without you. Thank you.

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