rosbilt five string TinCan banjo

short scale: 23.5"

all metal body construction, lightweight folded steel headstock and neck

maple, oak, hickory or lilac fretboard

non frettable fifth string easily removed for tenor play

handspun aluminum cone

metal bridge

durable corrugated food tins as resonating chambers

acoustic/electric Piezo pick-up with volume control and standard chassis jack

lightweight, durable, portable


rosbilt five string banjo
rosbilt five string banjo

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All instruments are individually made by Ross Stuart in his workshop on Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada. As such, no two instruments are exactly alike either in sound or look. The instruments that are pictured and demonstrated here are long sold and are here for illustrative purposes only. However, the design elements and quality of the instruments are the same: what you see here is what you will get! Only not exactly!

All instruments are made to be played - by people who like to play.